IHM Renovation

Demolition Completed & Construction Begins

Demolitions of the pre-existing structure has been completed, now comes updating, finishing and furnishing.

Demolition Continued

Asbestos removal has been completed. There was additional asbestos found during demolition above the Kelly garage, which has been removed safely. Demolition continues throughout Kelly Hall. The basement walls separating the computer room, assembly room, music room and hallway have been removed.

Demolition and Asbestos Removal

IHM has been approved and has begun demolition and asbestos removal. We are in the process of taking bids for the rest of the project and are looking forward to see IHM seminary transform.


More updates to come!


IHM Seminary has been in operation since 1948. Throughout the past the seminary has gone through minor update, but is now in desperate need of repair and more substantial updates. Our goal for the renovation is to create an inclusive atmosphere throughout the seminary, for those who call this place home and those who visit. Renovation is expected to begin August, 2016 and last until August, 2017.



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